BBC Tempts Japanophiles With Whimsical Tokyo 2020 Olympic Trailer

July 6, 2021

As theTokyo 2020 Olympics anticipates fewer visitors this year, the BBC is reminding Japan fanatics what they are missing out on with a delightful trailer, rich with cultural elements, for the upcoming games. 

Viewers’ wanderlust is first provoked with a manhole cover, no less, adorned with a pictogram of a track athlete. Believe it or not, much attention is placed on these street features in the nation, with islands installing distinct Pokémon manhole covers to entice tourists. 

Rife with nostalgia, the advertisement includes gachapon machines and retro video games introducing Tokyo 2020 athletes as collectible figurines and game avatars. 

The clip, produced by in-house agency Creative, also gives a nod to the famous Glico running man billboard in Osaka, in the form of light-up climbers working their way up a building. 

Explore Japan vicariously through the charming Tokyo 2020 trailer below.

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