July 5, 2020

PANTONE’s new Color Match Card won’t just give you street cred within the design community, but it is also set to revolutionize the way you take in and note down swatches. 

The new visual companion, charmingly and conveniently sized like a credit card, is part of the color standard’s launch of PANTONE Connect, a new digital platform that aims to unify color decision-making processes and communication. With the all-in-one service, you’ll be able to access all PANTONE colors across mobile, web, and Adobe Creative Cloud applications using a single account. 

The new Color Match Card accurately identifies PANTONE matches at your fingertips by calibrating your phone’s camera when you snap a hue, and then pointing out the exact match in the PANTONE Connect app. 

The card is designed with multiple swatches and a slot in the middle, which you’ll hold over a real-world color of your choosing. You’ll then align your camera above the card, allowing the PANTONE Connect app to adjust the image according to the surrounding matches on the card and pinpoint the exact color you’re looking for. 

“While designers have previously taken photos with their phone to capture PANTONE colors from images, the results were more inspirational VS accurate due to factors like poor lighting and camera performance,” described Nick Bazarian, Senior Product Manager for PANTONE Digital Solutions, in a press release. 

“With the Color Match Card and PANTONE Connect app, a designer’s phone has now become a legitimate color capture device to match the physical world more accurately to Pantone Colors, as well as a workflow productivity tool to shorten the color communication process, at a nominal cost,” Bazarian added. 

PANTONE says the platform and card were created to further “bridge the gap” in design work processes, which have been especially challenging to cope with during the crisis. The new suite of products will also hopefully help designers “adapt to what a changed workflow looks like post-COVID.” 

From now until 8 July 2020, signups for PANTONE Connect will be free to help creatives maintain their A-game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Registered accounts will also be entitled six-months access to all new PANTONE color guides.

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